Membership Pledge and Guidelines

The Membership Pledge

To uphold the spirit of our private club, we ask that you abide by our pledge, and:

  • Conduct yourself with integrity
  • Open your doors and your life to fellow members
  • Understand cultures and share your own
  • Use your leadership to change the world

Member Guidelines

When using the website and mobile applications, as well as enjoying the many benefits of , we ask that you:

  • Conduct yourself with integrity in all interactions, online and off
  • Be truthful with all information you share
  • Respect cultural differences and differences of opinion
  • Do not spam other members for personal or commercial reasons
  • Help us maintain our trusted community and report any abusive behaviour

is a private international club for members seeking to build relationships and share extraordinary experiences at home and when travelling. Far more than just a digital platform, the core of ’s value is in our diverse, close-knit and member-vetted community, bound by a common sensibility that creates a sense of trust not typical to social sites. By adhering to our core policy of inviting real-world, trusted contacts to join , our members grow and sustain the strong, relevant community of people from within.

We must recognise that the diversity of our membership will be reflected in the opinions expressed within the site. We expect differences of opinion to be voiced prudently and to be respected, as long as they fall within the standards outlined below.


Your account is for your own personal use only and its security is your responsibility. Please safeguard your login information and use your browser’s “save password” and “keep me logged in” features only if no one else accesses your computer. Be aware that if you share your registered email address with others, they can reset your password and access your account.

It’s advisable to change all of your passwords periodically.

Please avoid sharing your account with others, even a family member or close friend. Sharing accounts erodes the ethos of trust upon which is built.


Profiles provide a starting point for members to get to know one another and find common ground. While it’s acceptable to include a nickname, actual names and surnames must also be included. People are more inclined to interact with and trust those using their real names and factual profile information. By providing more detail in your profile, we will be able to share more relevant content with you, improving your overall experience.

The aim of your profile picture is for you to be identifiable, to contribute towards authentication of your account, and to allow your friends to recognise you. Please ensure that your profile photograph is clear.

By selecting a geographical location, content will be provided to you accordingly; events, Member Privileges, happenings and local members will be surfaced on the website based on your location. Updating your location when you travel will allow relevant city guide and travel advice to be surfaced to you.


has always been a place to meet people, both online and off. We ask members to observe real life etiquette when interacting, and members should feel sheltered from unwanted communications. Unless it has been specified that Messages are welcome (either in a post, or on a profile), it’s probably safest to assume that Messages from unknown members are unwanted. A sense of decorum should be observed when contacting others. We encourage members to report abusive or inappropriate Messages.

Spam and unrequested commercial messages won’t be tolerated within the site, regardless of whether or not recipients are in sender networks.

Turning on your Meetup Status signals your interest in engaging with other members, and thus enables a setting where anyone can send you Messages. Message settings can be changed and filtered in Account Settings.

You may block individual members from sending you additional Messages when viewing a Message in your inbox.

Adding Contacts and Inviting

Your network should be composed of people with whom you have established an actual relationship. ’s unique community trust encourages and promotes developing solid friendships by way of the website and events. However, we urge you to be cautious when adding contacts if you are unable to verify their identities.

We encourage you to use the 'Ignore' button when you receive unwelcome contact requests, or to report them to the Webmasters using the 'Report Abuse' button. Members are not notified if you ignore them or report abuse about their behaviour.

You may remove members from your network by using the 'Disconnect' button. Members are not notified if they are removed from your contacts.

In order to preserve the trust in our community, we ask you not to invite anyone to join the site if you’re unsure of who they are or what their intentions may be. Rather, we hope you will invite friends and contacts who can contribute positively to the site and to the betterment of the whole community.


Groups are intended to enable interaction with members who share your interests and facilitate lively and topical conversations.

Members presently cannot create new Groups, nor are there Group owners or managers. Please email should you like to request creation of a new Group.

Members may invite other members within Groups to events relevant to the Group topic. Note that these events are organised by members and are not official events.

When posting events, they must be actual events that members can attend. Events posts may not be used to promote a product or service, nor should they require that members join another club or outside site in order to attend. Details in the post should accurately reflect those of the event. Date spans should not be lengthened to increase exposure of your event. Please ensure that any event fees are clearly indicated in the post.

Member Privileges

We are pleased to offer, in conjunction with our Privilege Partners, special Member Privileges.

Member Privileges are intended for members exclusively. Please do not allow others, even friends and family, to access Privileges. Doing so could imperil our relationships with Privilege Partners, as well as jeopardize your membership with .

You may be required to present your Membership Card, along with valid photo identificaion, in order to redeem your Privileges.

Privilege Partners have their own rules and policies. Please ensure that you are familiar with them.

Please read our full Member Privileges Terms here.

Membership Card

Your Membership Card is only for personal use. Please don’t allow others, including family members, to use it. We will cross check it with personal photo identification to ensure the carrier is the rightful card owner.

Please read our full Membership Card Terms here.

Events (Official Events)

hosts a range of events organised exclusively for our members and their guests throughout selected Cities. Some events are free of charge for members who register in advance and arrive within the time frame stated in the event listing, while non-members may be required to pay a fee unless otherwise specified.

You will be informed of events taking place in your nearest City or other cities of interest. However, you may register to attend any event in any City.

Please register to attend an event before any specified deadline to ensure admittance. You may be asked to present your Membership Card with valid photo identification prior to entering the event.

Please read our full Official Events Policies here.

Member Events

Members may host events or invite other members to events in their city. Note that these events are organised by members and are not official events. is not liable for any technical, user or other problem that prevents posting, registration, payment for an event or entry to an event. does not assume responsibility for any theft, dissatisfaction, or other problem occurring at any events.

When posting events, they must be actual events that members can attend. Event posts may not be used to promote a product or service, nor should they require that members join another club or outside site in order to attend. Details in the post should accurately reflect those of the event. Date spans should not be lengthened to increase exposure of your event. Please ensure that any event fees are clearly indicated in the post.

All member events need to be approved before being published on the site. After submission of the event details through the respective form, will review the proposed member event. The approval process may take up to two business days.

All members organising member events explicitly agree to event participants being able to comment on and rate member events.

Please read our full Member Events Guidelines here before posting an event.

Offline Behaviour

offers several channels for members to meet one another, either through official events, Meetups or other initiatives by members. Many lasting friendships have been formed through .

Members are expected to behave in a manner suitable to the contexts of official Events. If problems arise as a result of inappropriate behaviour, our team will note this. The overall satisfaction of our guests is paramount.

Please use common sense and take necessary precautions when meeting members individually. No matter how well you think you know someone you met online, you don’t really know each other until you meet in person. First meetings should be in public places.


Enter details of your upcoming trips to Cities in our Trips section. Trips are shared with the whole community. Posting a trip can also be a convenient way of asking other members for travel advice.

Many members create Discussion threads based on upcoming travel plans. Please keep thread posts relevant to the poster’s topic.


provides a platform for members to share trusted information and carry out insightful discussions. There are countless opinions about what content is acceptable in member posts. As such, it would be impossible to find the “sweet spot” that will satisfy everyone.

Since we are an international crowd, English is the most commonly spoken second language, and therefore the most inclusive language. For this reason, we ask that all posts visible to the community be made in English.

Please select the most relevant tag for your post. We would like the site to offer interesting, varied content, and therefore we ask you to post your topic only once.

Replies and comments should be relevant, polite and constructive, so please respect the intentions of posters. Offensive or inappropriate content won’t be tolerated. (Please see our Membership Terms of Service for further details.)

While harmless spelling mistakes are inevitable and don’t require any action from us, we do ask members to write properly. Avoid attempts to draw attention to your post by using unnecessary punctuation, symbols, spacing, excessive capital letters or a misleading title.

Safety Tips

Members bring products and services to the table that are of interest to other members, and there have been many success stories. That said, users should exercise reasonable caution when entering into business transactions with others. A few tips when considering entering into deals with members:

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it is.
  • If a member is eager to move communication outside of , or refuses to communicate through channels (Messages, Discussions), be suspicious. This may indicate that they want to lure you away from a moderated arena, where you can’t report abuse.
  • Consider their communication skills. If they can’t spell key terms properly, it’s likely that they are not bona fide professionals in the field they claim.
  • If you contact a member and receive a reply from someone else or the name is spelled differently, make sure there’s a credible reason for the shift in correspondence.
  • If their profile information doesn’t add up, chances are it’s false. Look for things like unidentifiable or inappropriate profile pictures, misspelled names of academic institutions or inaccurate degrees. Verify professional information.
  • Most genuine professionals use profile photographs that are representative of their intentions. Follow your instinct.
  • Use your mutual contacts to ask for references for the person with whom you’re communicating.
  • If the member disappears from the site, but reappears suddenly with a different or slightly different name, report this to the Support Team immediately.
  • Be wary of requests for Western Union payments, or for assistance with personal transactions (depositing funds, currency exchanges, shipping transactions). Also be wary of members putting pressure on you to deliver after sending supposed proof of payment. If you don’t see the money in your account yet, act sensibly.
  • Look out for members who befriend you, then have a sudden personal emergency and request financial assistance with increasing desperation. This is most likely a scam.
  • If you are approached by someone requesting a commission fee for having found you a tenant or buyer, be careful, particularly if you have no prior contractual agreement. Commission fees should never be paid until the initial transaction has been completed.
  • If members ask you to lend money in advance of a meeting with the promise of reimbursing you, you probably won’t ever hear from them again.
Abuse and Disagreements

The Webmasters are charged with keeping the site a safe and respectful environment, but we are also dependent on members to report abusive behaviour to us. We encourage you to use the 'Report Abuse' button to notify us of personal attacks, hate speech, harassment and other abusive behaviour, as well as anything that is in violation of our Membership Terms of Service.

All members are entitled to have differences of opinion, and it is inevitable that this will occur. Members are expected to be prudent and disagree without offending others.

However, please remember that “to disagree” does not necessarily constitute “abuse.” Abuse reports on a member for being unpopular are neither fair nor welcome.

cannot become involved in personal disagreements. Should personal issues arise outside of the arena that do not violate our Membership Terms of Service, please do not ask the webmasters to intervene.