Member Events Guidelines

will only approve events that appear legitimate and in keeping with the brand. We do not accept events that solely promote a product or service. Any commercial event must offer a unique value to members that non-members will not have access to. The requirements below have to be met.

These general guidelines will help you to organise events for other members:

  • More than two people must be invited, and the host must be present
  • An event listing must specify clear start and end dates, times, and locations. The duration of the event should be relevant to the type of event posted
  • Events must take place in a secure and reputable location
  • The event must be submitted at least 48-72 hours before it begins (ideally more than week in advance), so we have time to approve it and members have time to RSVP
  • In case of cancellation, organisers must send a message to attendees well in advance of the event start time (minimum 5 hours) – failure to do so will be reported to the Webmaster for review
  • Any entrance, ticket fees or other costs must be mentioned on the event listing
  • An event poster must be the organiser of the event or be directly mandated by the organisers of the event to invite members
  • Provide as many details as possible on what the event is about

Appropriate Events

  • Social gatherings between members (drinks, dinners, parties)
  • Art shows, art gallery openings, vernissages
  • Music events (concerts, recitals, festivals)
  • Sporting events (tournaments, horse racing, polo cups, etc.)
  • Business/networking events with educational value
  • Charity/fundraisers (must be a reputable charity; no onsite money collection for entrance – pre-paid tickets with links only)
  • Trip or experience events, potentially lasting longer than a day
  • If the event is commercial, company-sponsored or a product launch, there must be an added value to all members, (i.e., a complimentary drink, finger food, giveaways, or special discounts) that they only have because they are members

Inappropriate Events

  • Events must not promote or contain any inappropriate or illegal content, including sex (prostitution) or drugs
  • Event organisers must not knowingly put any attendee in danger
  • No gambling or casino events will be accepted
  • No dating events will be accepted
  • No resale of goods or services will be accepted
  • Events must not serve solely to promote a product or service
  • Events requiring guests to join another membership organisation in order to participate will not be accepted
  • Club promoters cannot promote their event unless there is a benefit to the members