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Smart citizens of Nashik gets smarter in helping Nashik Police

Pimple Stone Crusher gives smart donation of (much needed) brand new empty homeopathy bottles.

This one is the most brilliant example of what a smart and thoughtful act of help looks and feels.

Enter Mr. Abbas Mujawar and his partner Mr.Deepak Narayansingh of Pimple Stone Crusher.

This duo along with their associates and friends Mr.Qasim Mujawar and Mr.Saponi Dharmaraj Bangar came up with a very interesting and unique help.  While most people make a very valuable contribution and help the police officials with whatever they can. Little we all realized that Mr Abbas Mujawar and Deepak Narayansingh could come up with such brilliant idea of donating what is much needed to homeopathy medical fraternity. A brand new empty bottles for filling homeopathy medicines.

On 30th April they handed over these medicine to Senior Inspector of Police Dr. Sitaram Kolhe of Central Crime Branch Nashik.

In these testing times and particularly when we are near the end of 2nd lock down, These smart efforts go a very long way. We encourage all the citizens to participate in such efforts and together lets win this battle against this pandemic. As even the citizens are coming out to help the police with such unique ideas, We are seeing a good response to all the appeals and directives of Commissioner of Nashik Police Mr. Vishwas Nangre Patil.

We must say, A truly unique and amazing gesture by local business persons.


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