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Manacha Lockdown – Friendzoned Brochya | Friendship day | Raksha Bandhan | #bhadipa

Omi is excited to finally meet his crush after months of lockdown, but how will this meeting go down? In the end, to be friend-zoned or not, that is the question. Watch this video to know the answer and Happy Friendship Day to all brochyas in advance! Subscribe to BhaDiPa to get alerts on our new videos! शास्त्र असते ते !

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Omkar Kulkarni
Trushna Chandratre
Yogini Kulkarni
Karan Sonawane
Indrajeet More

Lyrics & Screenplay by Kalpak Bhave
Directed and Edited by Indrajeet more
Music Composer: Ojas Bhat and Omkar Kulkarni
Guitar: Dharmaj Joshi
Vocals: Omkar Kulkarni
DOP: Ankush Kulal
Production: Prajakta Salbarde
Creatives: Prajakta Nevalkar
Social media team: Neel Salekar, Pooja Parab, Karan Sonawane, Aniket Jadhav
Subtitles: Prachi Hankare
Video Packaging: Tanvi Paranjpee


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