Seeking Balance: 14 Yoga Studios Showcasing Harmonious Practice Spaces

Seeking Balance: 14 Yoga Studios Showcasing Harmonious Practice Spaces

Originating in ancient India and verbally transmitted through the ages, Yoga has become a widespread and popular practice that engages the body and the spirit into reaching a stillness of the mind and a clear self-consciousness. There are varied schools of Yoga that reflect different origins and types of practices, however, they all require a combination the physical movement with mental, and spiritual awareness. The physical and mental health benefits that a regular practice can generate, despite turbulent or hard times, were recognized by the United Nations on the 21st of June 2022 Yoga day with the theme of Yoga for Humanity.

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Such a release and search for balance amongst the chaos and stressors requires a setting that would enable the senses to disengage from distraction and become solely focused on the self. To facilitate the immersion into the practice, it is helpful to have a spatial layout that designates a simple, safe, and secluded space. Further design attentions include promoting a gentle and regulated air flow with controllable temperatures and soft lighting. The mood the space can generate can also be directed through the use of light colors or warm natural materials, such as wood. Some spaces even suggest a play on light reflection with mirrors or provide added privacy with sheer fabrics and curtains. 

There are many ways a designer can create an ideal space for a healthy practice as seen through these 14 Yoga Studios.

Yoga Pavilion / Nyréns Arkitektkontor

© Thomas Zaar

ONE THIRD YOGA / Boundary Space Design

© Shen-Photo

Xuan Lan Yoga Factory / Cosy Barcelona

© Jordi Miralles

Original Feelings Yoga Studio / Some Place Studio

© Linus Muellerschoen

VIKASA Headquarters / Enter Projects Asia

© Edmund Sumner

Flow Yoga and Movement Studio / Nan Arquitectos

© Iván Casal Nieto

Milmila Yoga Center / 100A associates

© Jae-yoon Kim

Garden Yoga Studio / Madeiguincho

© Gonçalo Marrote

Yoga Garden & Art Gallery Brno / RO_AR Szymon Rozwalka architects

© BoysPlayNice

Tru3 Yoga Studio / ITGinteriors

© João Morgado

Irim Yoga Studio & Cafe / Foam Architects

© Kim Eunsol

Health Yoga Life / BOS|UA

© Bruce Damonte Architectural Photographer

The Yoga Pavilion at Four Seasons / IBUKU

Courtesy of IBUKU

Ritual House of Yoga / goCstudio

© Kevin Scott

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