Amit Shah confident of BJP forming government in three states

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Amit Shah confident of BJP forming government in three states

Marya Shakil


The buzz around who will be crowned king among political parties in the ongoing five state elections is at its peak. Does BJP still hold the roost? Will a resurgent Congress take lead after a hiatus? The results, due to be announced on December 11, will put an end to many such questions.

And to answer such questions, CNN-News18’s Political Editor Marya Shakil caught up with BJP President Amit Shah on the sidelines of his rally in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan.

Shah spoke about a number of things including Ram Temple, Rahul Gandhi’s campaign statements, farmers’ unrest and more importantly BJP’s chances in the current five state elections – touted as the crucial semi-final – before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections mega face-off.

Here’s a transcript of the interview:

Marya Shakil: First question, campaigning is ending in Rajasthan. How do you see the status of the BJP in Rajasthan?

Amit Shah: BJP will surely form the government in Rajasthan. The people of Rajasthan are with the BJP. Narendra Modi’s popularity is at its all-time high. The Vasundhara Raje government has also done a very good job, here. All my campaigns in Rajasthan are over. I have toured the state for 15-16 days. I feel the people are with us.

Marya Shakil: When you made the blueprint a few months back, what is the difference from then to now?

Amit Shah: There is a huge difference. I came here for the first time in October. There were grievances among the workers, back then. After a lot of communication, the situation now seems to be that we will form the government in Rajasthan with a large margin.

Marya Shakil: Do you consider candidate selection to be an important issue?

Amit Shah: Candidates are important in every election. I think we’ve made those who have a significant presence among the public as our candidates. Our candidates are doing well.

Marya Shakil: Farmers seem to be angry.

Amit Shah: Anger is a big word to be used. There are some difficulties. But, if there is someone who has worked the most for the farmers, it is Narendra Modi. Farmers are aware of this. Look at the statistics that used to be under the Congress government. BJP has brought a complete transformation in the rates at which crops are bought. We’ve made new schemes and policies keeping farmer interests in the centre. I believe that these matters have reached the farmer.

Marya Shakil: Sir, we’re in Chittorgarh. The Rajput community is talking about reservations.

Amit Shah: Such demands prevail among a lot of communities. Everybody will have to think about all this, some or the other time.

Marya Shakil: You did not use words like Hinduism in the speech that you gave, right now. Rahul Gandhi, however, gave a statement some days back questioning, ‘What kind of a Hindu is the PM?’ How do you see his statement?

Amit Shah: I don’t want to make any comments on this. What Rahul talks and says and how much the public listens is something his poll manager should analyse.

Marya Shakil: What about Yogi’s statements on God’s castes?

Amit Shah: I believe that he has not spoken about caste. He has used words like Dalit, Adivasi, backward, etc.

Marya Shakil: Is it the dual strategy of the BJP that PM Modi and you will talk about development and the others will focus on other issues?

Amit Shah: All leaders talk about everything. Yogi speaks about development. There is nothing like that.

Marya Shakil: What will happen on December 11?

Amit Shah: I completely believe that we will form the government in all the three states.

Marya Shakil: How are you looking at Mizoram and Telangana?

Amit Shah: We will improve our position in Telangana. But, I believe Congress has no future in Telangana or Mizoram.

Marya Shakil: So, North East will become Congress-mukt?

Amit Shah: Yes. After the results in Mizoram.

Marya Shakil: What is the status in Telangana? Will the BJP be able to do better?

Amit Shah: We will definitely do better. There will be an improvement in the seats.

Marya Shakil: The winter session will also start by then. Today, there was a statement by Dattatray Hosbole. How do you see it?

Amit Shah: Government will also have their agenda for the session. We will take them forward. All parties should keep the session work-centric.

Marya Shakil: Ram temple?

Amit Shah: The issue is in court.

Marya Shakil: Bill or ordinance?

Amit Shah: Party will have to think about it. The case is up in January. Let us see.

Marya Shakil: Initially surveys said that Congress will sweep Rajasthan. Now, it says a cut-throat competition.

Amit Shah: Exit polls will make BJP win.

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Images are for reference only.Images gathered automatic from google.All rights on the images are with their original owners.

2018-12-06 03:41:56

Images are for reference only.Images gathered automatic from google.All rights on the images are with their original owners.

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